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School Programs

Children are important to us!  We strive to create an early childhood environment that nurtures young children and helps them to develop to their fullest potential.  We believe in providing the highest quality care possible through hiring trained staff that are knowledgeable in the development of young children, committed to providing positive educational experiences, and are passionate about their jobs. We will continually evaluate our programs in order to best meet the needs of the children who are in our care, including the ongoing education of our teachers. 


Our programs emphasize hands on learning, believing that children learn best when they are actively involved in activities. In our play based environment children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, experiment, create, and problem solve while being supported by caring teachers. We believe that children develop at their own rate and look for ways to nurture individual talents and abilities by providing activities and materials that will encourage growth while building on their interests. Our emphasis is on the development of the whole child by providing daily opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical growth. Many opportunities are provided for children to learn skills in cooperation, respect, caring for others, sharing and taking turns. Individual creativity is encouraged through play as well as structured activities.


Preschool operates 5 days a week from 9:00AM to 11:30AM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday class and a Tuesday and Thursday class. Arrival time for children is 8:55AM and children are to be picked up at 11:30AM.  Activities include circle time, theme based activities, reading, letter, color, number and shape recognition. Also incorporated will be music, games, art and exercise. This Preschool offers total school readiness. Our class size is set at 17 children.  Each child is required to bring a knapsack large enough to hold indoor shoes, complete change of clothes, and space for artwork and newsletters for parents. Also a Ziploc bag will be supplied for newsletters and other information and must be kept in the child's bag and returned each day. We ask that only 2 healthy snacks from Canada's food guide, such as bananas, grapes, apples, cheese, crackers, puddings, yogurt, cereal bars etc. and a drink (milk or juice 100% only) be provided for your child at break time. Please note that this is a peanut free environment and no gum or candy is to be packed with his or her snacks. We will be closed on all statutory holidays and will follow school district 8 decisions on all other closing. This also includes closing for inclement weather.


The two teachers for the Preschool are Shauna Ryan and Terri Sullivan. Both are certified in Early Childhood Education and hold certificates in First Aid and CPR.  


After School runs each day from the first bus arrival at 2:00PM and will remain open until 5:45PM Monday to Friday.  The after school program will also follow the district 8 school schedule.  Children are required to bring a healthy snack such as bananas, grapes, apples, cheese, crackers, puddings, yogurt, cereal bars etc (refer to Canada's food guide) as well as a drink for after school, sun block and indoor shoes.  Also a change of clothing should be left at the center for each child in case of accidents.  Our class size will vary from time to time, with three caregivers, including volunteers.  A special treat of popcorn may be supplied on special movie days.  Some activities will include crafts, science experiments, cooking, board games, art projects, scrap booking, sports, music and exercise.  Parents must fill out a bus transfer form at Loch Lomond School to assure their child's transportation from the school to the church.  We must be made aware of who will be picking up your child and ID may be required and kept on file if it is someone other than a parent or caregiver.  The childcare workers will assist with homework and assignments, however a final check of homework is the responsibility of the parents.  In this age of technology please have your child keep any game boys, I pods, MP3 players or other electronic games or phones in their bags until they leave the center.  An additional fee of $5.00 will apply for every 15 minutes the responsible person is late past 5:45 PM.